ALM Project Database Reference
td.AUDIT_LOG Table
Events on which history is recorded.

Details of the changes caused by the audited events are in the AUDIT_PROPERTIES Table.

The AUDIT_LOG and AUDIT_PROPERTIES tables replace the HISTORY table, which no longer exists.

 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key AU_ACTION_IDThe record ID.int4   
 AU_FATHER_IDFor backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version.int4   
 AU_USERThe user name of the user who performed the action.varchar2000   
 AU_SESSION_IDThe ALM session ID of the session in which the action was performed.int4   
 AU_TIMEThe timestamp of the audit record according to the database server clock.datetime4   
 AU_ACTIONThe type of event. For example: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and so on.varchar200   
 AU_ENTITY_TYPEThe name of the table in which the change occurred.varchar200   
 AU_ENTITY_IDThe record ID of the changed record in the table specified by AU_ENTITY_TYPE.varchar200  
 AU_DESCRIPTIONThe audit record description.varchar16  
Objects that depend on td.AUDIT_LOG
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
AUTR_27990060_QPM_MILESTONES triggerAUTR_27990060_QPM_MILESTONESTrigger 2
AUTR_345769792_ENVIRONMENTS triggerAUTR_345769792_ENVIRONMENTSTrigger 2
AUTR_363696399_TESTCYCL triggerAUTR_363696399_TESTCYCLTrigger 2
AUTR1386687709_COMPONENT triggerAUTR1386687709_COMPONENTTrigger 2
AUTR1815529430_RESULTS triggerAUTR1815529430_RESULTSTrigger 2
AUTR1916707492_TEST_CONFIGS triggerAUTR1916707492_TEST_CONFIGSTrigger 2
AUTR2571410_TEST triggerAUTR2571410_TESTTrigger 2
AUTR64594118_CYCLE triggerAUTR64594118_CYCLETrigger 2
AUTR66132_BUG triggerAUTR66132_BUGTrigger 2
AUTR81022_REQ triggerAUTR81022_REQTrigger 2
AUTR81515_RUN triggerAUTR81515_RUNTrigger 2
td.BUG tabletd.BUGTableInformation about defects.1
td.COMPONENT tabletd.COMPONENTTableBusiness Process Components.1
td.CYCLE tabletd.CYCLETableTest sets.1
td.ENVIRONMENTS tabletd.ENVIRONMENTSTableTesting environments.1
MVTR_BUG triggerMVTR_BUGTrigger 2
MVTR_REQ triggerMVTR_REQTrigger 2
td.QPM_MILESTONES tabletd.QPM_MILESTONESTableSignificant periods for quality measurements in the context of a RELEASE.1
td.REQ tabletd.REQTableDetails of individual requirements and the structure of the requirements tree.1
td.RESULTS tabletd.RESULTSTableThe results of a RUN.1
td.RUN tabletd.RUNTableExecution records for test instances.1
td.TEST tabletd.TESTTableDetails of the design test from the test plan module.1
td.TEST_CONFIGS tabletd.TEST_CONFIGSTableThe data to be used in the run of a Test.1
td.TESTCYCL tabletd.TESTCYCLTableInstances of design tests in test sets.1
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