ALM Project Database Reference
td.RUN Table
Execution records for test instances.
Multiple values for fields are maintained in the RUN_MULTIVALUE Table.
 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
 RN_TESTCYCL_IDThe TESTCYCL.TC_TESTCYCL_ID of the test instance.int4   
 RN_CYCLE_IDThe CYCLE.CY_CYCLE_ID of the test set containing the test instance.int4   
 RN_TEST_IDThe TEST.TS_TEST_ID of the design test from which the instance is derived.int4   
 RN_TEST_CONFIG_IDThe TEST_CONFIGS.TSC_ID of the configuration used in the run.int4   
Primary Key RN_RUN_IDThe record ID.int4   
 RN_RUN_NAMEThe name assigned to the test run by the tester.varchar255  
 RN_EXECUTION_DATEThe date on which the test instance run was performed.datetime4  
 RN_EXECUTION_TIMEThe time at which the run was performed according to the database server clock.varchar10  
 RN_HAS_VTCIndicates whether the test run has Visual Test Coverage. varchar1  
 RN_HOSTThe name or IP address of the host server on which the test was executed.varchar50  
 RN_STATUSThe values are from the Status custom list.
Typical values are: Not Completed, No Run, Passed, N/A, Blocked, and Failed.
 RN_DURATIONThe duration of the test run in seconds.int4  
 RN_DRAFT'Y' indicates a draft run.varchar1  
 RN_TESTER_NAMEThe user name of the person who last executed the test.varchar60  
 RN_ITERS_PARAMS_VALUESAn XML string containing the values of the parameters of all iterations of the run. This field is populated by QuickTest Professional.varchar16  
 RN_ITERS_SUM_STATUSAn XML string containing the summary of the run's iteration statuses.varchar16  
 RN_PATHThe path of this run relative to the test directory (TEST.TS_PATH) in the server repository.varchar255  
 RN_USER_01User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_02User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_03User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_04User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_05User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_06User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_07User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_08User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_09User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_10User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_11User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_USER_12User-defined field.varchar40  
 RN_TEST_VERSIONObsolete. This field may be removed in a future version.int4  
 RN_ATTACHMENTA value of Y indicates that the run has at least one attachment.varchar1  
 RN_RUN_VER_STAMPThe revision number of this record. Increments each time a the record is updated.int4  
 RN_VTSUsed for temporary storage during calculations. Do not use this field.varchar20  
 RN_CYCLEFor backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version.varchar255  
 RN_TEST_INSTANCEThe number of this instance of the design test inside the cycle. If the test is run individually, this field will still show which instance was selected to run.int4   
 RN_OS_NAMEThe name of the operating system on which the test run is running. The value is from the Operating System custom list.varchar70  
 RN_OS_SPInformation about the operating system of the computer on which current run was executed.varchar70  
 RN_OS_BUILDInformation about the operating system of the computer on which current run was executed.varchar70  
 RN_VC_LOKEDBYThe name of the user who locked the test in Version Control engine.varchar255  
 RN_VC_STATUSThe version control status of the test instance at the time of execution. The value is from the VC Status custom list. Typical values are checked_out, checked_in, or Read_only.varchar50  
 RN_VC_VERSIONObsolete. Replaced by RN_VC_VERSION_NUMBER.varchar50  
 RN_OS_CONFIGFor future use.varchar40  
 RN_ASSIGN_RCYCThe RELEASE_CYCLES.RCYC_ID of the release cycle with which the run is associated.int4  

Status of Business Process Test for SAP

1 - No change detected

2 - Change status is unknown

3 - Change detected


Y if change detection mode enabled for this run. Applies to Business Process Test for SAP.

 RN_VC_VERSION_NUMBERThe version number of the TEST used for this run.int4  
 RN_PINNED_BASELINEThe BASELINES.BL_ID of the baseline to which this item is pinned.int4  
 RN_BPT_STRUCTUREFor internal use.varchar16  

A value of the  'Run State' project list indicating the current state of the Run.  As delivered, the values of the list are Finished, Initializing, Run Failure, Running, and Stopping.


For future use.

(The type of the test that was run.)

 RN_TEXT_SYNCFor internal use. Do not change data.varchar1  
 RN_ENVIRONMENTThe run environment.int4  

A unique identifier for the imported test runs. For example, a build number of the application that was tested.

 RN_DETAILProvides details for the failed test run.varchar16  
 RN_JENKINS_URLThe URL for displaying the build from Jenkins. varchar2048  
 RN_JENKINS_JOB_NAMEThe name of the Jenkins job that uploaded the run results to ALM. varchar255  
 RN_RESULTS_FILES_NETWORK_PATHThe highest level node has path AAA. Each child node down the tree inherits the parent path and adds three letters,where the current level numeration is concatenated to the inherited path. For example, the child requirements of the first node (AAA) have paths of AAAAAA, AAAAAB, AAAAAC, and so on. The characters V and W are not used.varchar512  
Objects that depend on td.RUN
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
AUTR81515_RUN triggerAUTR81515_RUNTrigger 1
Objects that td.RUN depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
td.AUDIT_LOG tabletd.AUDIT_LOGTableEvents on which history is recorded.1
td.AUDIT_PROPERTIES tabletd.AUDIT_PROPERTIESTableDetails of the changes recorded in the AUDIT_LOG table.1
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