Add flows to an Advanced Test

Entities to configure when you create a flow for an Advanced Test.

When you create an Advanced Test, you add flows to the test. A flow is a set of network impairments and conditions that are applied to network traffic that flows between the client and server IP addresses that are defined in the flow. You may need multiple flows in a test if a client communicates with multiple servers, and there are different latencies for each server.

To define a flow in an Advanced Test:

  1. Create an Advanced Test, as described in Create and run Advanced Tests.
  2. In the Tests page, specify the following parameters for each flow in the test:

    1. Client and server IP ranges. For details, see Setting client and server IP ranges.
    2. Client and server gateway parameters. For details, see Configuring gateway parameters.
    3. WAN parameters. For details, see Configuring the WAN parameters.
    4. Whether or not to capture packets when the test runs. Packets must be captured to enable detailed analysis of the test results. For details, see Analyzing test results.