New UFT Custom Support Class Wizard

You use the New UFT Custom Support Class wizard to create each support class within a Java Add-in Extensibility project. After you specify the details of the custom class and the required UFT support, the wizard creates the support class and all of the necessary methods, accordingly. The wizard also provides method stubs for any additional methods you need to implement.

To open the New UFT Custom Support Class wizard in Eclipse:

  1. In the Eclipse Package Explorer tab, select a UFT Java Add-in Extensibility project. Then select File > New > Other. The New dialog box opens.

  2. Expand the Unified Functional Testing folder and select UFT Custom Support Class.

  3. Click Next. The Custom Class Selection Screen opens.

    Tip: You can shorten this process by customizing Eclipse to provide UFT Custom Support Class as an option in the New menu. To do this, perform the following: Select Window > Customize Perspective. In the Shortcuts tab in the dialog box that opens, select the Unified Functional Testing and UFT Custom Support Class check boxes. Click OK.