Preparing for This Lesson

Before you extend UFT support for a custom control, you must:

Perform the following procedure to create an Eclipse project containing the ImageControls custom toolkit classes and a sample application containing the custom controls.

Note: The sample application is designed to run from the default <UFT Java Add-in Extensibility SDK installation>\samples folder. If you install the SDK to another location, you need to modify the sample application slightly before you begin this lesson. For information, see Modifying the Sample Application to Run From Another Location.

To create a new Java project with the ImageControls sample in Eclipse:

  1. Run Eclipse and select File > New > Project. The New Project dialog box opens.

  2. Select Java Project and click Next. The New Java Project dialog box opens.

  3. Enter ImageControls in the Project name box.

  4. Select the Create project from existing source option.

  5. Click the Browse button and browse to the <UFT Java Add-in Extensibility SDK installation folder>\samples\ImageControls\src folder. Click OK to return to the New Java Project dialog box.

  6. Click Finish. A new Java project is created with the ImageControls sample source files. The new project, named ImageControls, is displayed in the Package Explorer tab.

  7. Note: The steps for creating a new project in Eclipse may vary, depending on the Eclipse version that you use.

Expand the ImageControls project to view its content. The ImageControls\src package folder contains two packages:

The following diagram shows the inheritance hierarchy of the classes in the com.demo package.

The functionality provided by the classes in this package is as follows: