Aviator Smart Assistant

Aviator Smart Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can analyze features, suggest improvements, recommend KPIs, and more.


To use Smart Assistant, you must have the following:

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Use Smart Assistant

Send a request or question to Smart Assistant. Smart Assistant uses context from the feature, such as the description, backlog items, and comments, to generate relevant responses.

To use Smart Assistant:

  1. Locate a feature in the Features tab, and open it in details view.
  2. Click the Aviator tab in the side pane to open the Aviator pane.
  3. In the Aviator pane, enter a request or question, or click one of the suggested prompts.

  4. After Smart Assistant responds, you can do the following:
Button Action
Copy Copy the response.
Try again Generate a different response. If you generate multiple responses, you can use the < > arrows to page through the responses.
Good response Leave positive feedback on the response. This feedback helps improve Smart Assistant's responses.
Bad response Leave negative feedback on the response. This feedback helps improve Smart Assistant's responses.
Edit Edit your request. To edit your request, hover the mouse over your request and click the Edit button.

To enter a new request, click + New topic.

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Source information

Smart Assistant uses feature content to process its responses. The following table describes which information is used and which information is not used:

Information type Details

The following content is used by Smart Assistant:

Description, system fields, comments, manual tests, user stories, issues

Not used

The following content is not used by Smart Assistant:

  • BDD and automated tests

  • The following tabs: Development, BDD Specifications, History

  • Other features in the workspace

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