This page answers some of the frequently asked questions about ValueEdge.

How do I set up my user profile?

Some of your profile information, such as name and email, is defined by your administrator.

You can upload your profile picture and set personal UI preferences. For details, see User preferences.

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What do all the backlog entities mean?

The backlog tree is made up of a hierarchy of items, starting with epics at the top level of the tree, and ending with tasks at the bottom.

For a description of the backlog item types, see Backlog.

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How do I save and share a filter?

After you've customized and filtered a grid view, you can save it to revisit in the future, and share the same view with other users.

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Where can I find a kanban board?

There is a variety of customizable board views suitable for every stage of your work, from release planning board to task board.

For details, see Board view.

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Why can't I access some of the functionality and data?

The functionality and areas that you have access to can differ from user to user in the same workspace.

Your access level is defined by your license and role. Based on your role, some of the data in the system might also be unavailable to you. Your license and role are assigned to you by your administrator. For details, see User management.

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Why do labels not match their description in the Help Center?

You might see differences between the names given to modules and items in your workspace and the way they're described in the Help Center. For example, defects in your workspace may be called issues. The reason is that entity names in your space may be configured to match your organization's development methodology, such as Agile, SAFe, Waterfall. The recommended entity names differ slightly between the methodologies.

For details, see Languages and labels.

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