What's New in UFT One 2022

This topic introduces the new features and enhancements included in UFT One 2022.

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AI-based testing enhancements

UFT One's AI-based testing continues to evolve. UFT One 2022 introduces the following enhancements to AI-based testing.

Enhancement Description
Test SAP GUI for Windows applications using AI

You can now test SAP GUI for Windows applications using UFT One's AI-based testing. In particular, UFT One can identify typical controls in the Classic and Signature themes.

To prepare your SAP GUI applications for testing, see Enable support for SAP GUI for Windows

Use AI Record or AI Inspection to learn application objects and automatically create test steps.

Identify additional control types

UFT One can now identify additional types of controls using AI:

  • On mobile apps: refresh, chart, people, and clock

  • On web and SAP GUI applications: contact card, copy, display, document, enter, exit, find, folder, forward, pin, save, schema, window

For a full list of supported controls types, see AI-based testing: Supported control types.

Create complex object descriptions

Describing an object uniquely may require a combination of properties such as text and position.

In the AI Inspection or AI Record interface, you can now create such object descriptions, even if each property on its own does not describe the object uniquely.

See Inspect your application for objects.

Automate Remote AI Service setup

You can now use new AOM properties to connect to the Remote AI service using automation scripts.

See AIOptions Object in the UFT One Automation Object Model Reference.

Remote AI service - performance boost

The remote AI service now handles text recognition for AI object identification as well as the visual object identification. This can improve performance when using the remote AI service.

See Use the remote AI Object-Detection service.

RegisterCustomClass: className case insensitive

The className parameter of the RegisterCustomClass method is no longer case sensitive. For example, a class named "Sales_1" that you registered previously will be overwritten if you create a new class named "sales_1".

See AIUtil.RegisterCustomClass in the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

AI-based testing tutorial

You can now learn the basics of AI-based testing and practice AI Features by reading and following the AI-based testing tutorial.

See AI-based testing tutorial.

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GUI testing enhancements

UFT One 2022 provides the following updates for GUI testing:

Enhancement Description
Check an output parameter value in a checkpoint

When parameterizing a property value in a checkpoint, you can now select output parameters. In earlier versions, you could select only input parameters.

See Parameter Options Dialog Box.

Web testing:

Updated Chrome and Safari extensions

The UFT One 2022 release includes new browser extension versions:

Java testing: 

New methods for Java objects

You can now use new methods on Java objects: 

  • Interact with cells in SWT JavaTree objects with columns:

    ActivateCell, ClickCell, DoubleClickCell, SelectCell, SetCellData.

    See JavaTree object section of UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

  • Perform the following operations on JavaFX JavaWindow objects:

    Move, Resize, PressKey.

    See JavaWindow object section of UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

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API testing enhancements

UFT One 2022 provides the following updates for API testing:

Enhancement Description

Kafka SSL

You can now configure two-way SSL authentication for your Kafka server. Use the new properties to configure client authentication. See Test with Kafka activities.

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Mobile testing enhancements

UFT One 2022 provides the following updates for mobile testing:

Note: The new mobile testing functionality requires working with UFT Mobile 2022 or later.

Enhancement Description
Testing devices stored on WeTest or Genymotion

You can now test devices stored on the WeTest and Genymotion labs.

Fleet Type property You can now specify the Fleet Type property when your device is hosted by OpenText.
Location in Record & Run settings

When specifying a mobile device for your test run, you can now specify the device's geographic location.

This is relevant when you select Micro Focus as the target lab and specify the fleet type as public.

See Define Mobile Record and Run Settings.

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Text recognition enhancements

UFT One 2022 includes the following enhancements to text recognition.

Enhancement Description
Color-based text recognition in images

You can now refer to the color of the text you want to identify:

  • Use the GetTextFromImageByColor method to retrieve text of a specific color from an image file.

  • Use the GetTextLocationFromImageByColor method to return the location of a text string of a specific color in an image file.

See TextUtil Object in the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

Support color-related properties for Text test objects

You can now include the following color-related properties in Text test object descriptions:

textcolor, isinverted, huethreshold, and backgroundcolor

This gives you finer control and increases text recognition accuracy.

See TextObject description properties in the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

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CI-CD plugin enhancements

UFT One 2022 provides the following updates when working with CI-CD servers:

CI-CD server Enhancements
Azure DevOps

A new version of the UFT One Azure DevOps extension is available. This version provides the following enhancements:

  • Run your GUI Mobile tests from the file system.

    You can directly define UFT Mobile connection settings and Mobile Record and Run settings in the pipelines without defining them separately in UFT One.

  • Use a UFT Mobile Get Resources task to retrieve application and device information from UFT Mobile.

  • Use a UFT One Parallel Test Run task to run GUI Web and GUI Mobile tests in parallel.

See UFT One and Azure DevOps Server or Services.


Frequent updates are made available for the Jenkins plugin for UFT One. Download the latest version and find out what’s new at the OpenText Application Automation Tools page.

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License updates

UFT One 2022 provides the following license updates:

Enhancement Description
AutoPass Multi-Tenant License Server

UFT One can now consume a concurrent license from an AutoPass License Server with multi-tenancy enabled. When connecting to a multi-tenant license server, provide the tenant information.

See Set concurrent license mode (wizard) and Consume concurrent licenses with the command line.

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Installation and infrastructure updates

UFT One 2022 provides the following installation and infrastructure updates:

Update Description
Updated prerequisite versions

UFT One is now using newer versions of the .NET framework and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

When you install the full UFT One package, these prerequisites are installed automatically.

If you use silent installation, include the following prerequisite versions:

  • .NET 6.0.3

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2022

See Silent commands for installing UFT One prerequisites.

Delphi agentless applications

Testing Delphi 32-bit applications that were not pre-compiled with the UFT One Delphi agent is supported only on 64-bit Windows systems.

See Delphi Add-in.

Flex and Silverlight add-ins removed

The following technologies are no longer supported in the market:

  • Adobe no longer supports Flash Player and recommends users uninstall Flash Player from their systems.

  • Microsoft no longer supports the Silverlight development framework.

Therefore, by default, UFT One no longer provides the Flex and Silverlight Add-ins.

If you require the Flex or Silverlight Add-in, contact Micro Focus Support.

UIA Pro ClickCell parameter value changed

When specifying the button parameter in the ClickCell method of UIA Pro objects, the possible values are: 

  • 0 = left button (Default)
  • 1 = right button
  • 2 = middle button

In previous versions, the middle and right values were reversed: 1 = Middle button, 2 = Right button.

See UIA Pro objects in the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

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Automation Object Model (AOM) enhancements

UFT One 2022 provides the following capabilities when using AOM:

Enhancement Description
Manage application areas and function libraries

You can now manage application areas and their function libraries using automation scripts.

For example, you can check in/out, create, open, save, or close an application area. For a function library, you can add it to or remove it from an application area.

See AppArea Object, Application Object, and AAFunctionLibraries Collection in UFT One Automation Object Model Reference.

Save all modified documents when opening new ones

When using methods such as New and Open to create or open documents, you can instruct UFT One to save all other documents before closing them.

In earlier versions, specifying "save before closing" saved only the document that was in focus.

See Application Object in UFT One Automation Object Model Reference.

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Extensibility updates

UFT One 2022 includes the following updates to WPF and Web extensibility :

Enhancement Description
WPF Extensibility - .NET versions

WPF extensibility now supports working with .NET 5 and 6, allowing you to create custom support for additional .NET 5 or 6 WPF controls.

  • When installing WPF extensibility, select the installation package that matches your Visual Studio version.

  • The Custom Server Setup wizard includes more predefined settings and is simpler to complete.

See WPF Add-in Extensibility.

Extensibility Accelerator - Chrome support

You can now use the Extensibility Accelerator to develop web extensibility support sets on Chrome browsers. Previously, the Extensibility Accelerator was limited to Internet Explorer.

See Extensibility Accelerator reference for Functional Testing.

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Usability enhancements and fixes

UFT One 2022 provides the following new usability enhancements and fixes:

Enhancement Description
Open a solution

You can now open a UFT One solution directly from Windows Explorer. See Document management.

Note: Some solutions use resources saved in ALM. If you open such a solution when UFT One is not connected to ALM, the ALM resources are marked as unavailable.

Alternative option for testing on a disconnected remote computer

Some remote computer connections do not notify UFT One when they disconnect. As a result, testing on a locked, logged off, or disconnected remote computer to fail.

In such cases, you can now configure UFT One to periodically poll the remote session. When UFT One finds no active connection, a Windows session is automatically started, using the configured credentials to log in.

Enable this in the Tools > Options > General tab > Run Sessions pane or using the Automation Object Model (AOM).

See Enable testing on locked, logged off, or disconnected remote computers and the RunOptions object in UFT One Automation Object Model Reference.

Test Batch Runner - syntax update

When passing parameters to the command line for running a test batch, you can now include a semi-colon (;) in your parameter value by adding an escape character (\).

See Run the test batch using a command line.

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Supported technology versions

UFT One now supports the following technology and browser versions:

New technology versions

Technology Supported versions


Delphi 11.0, 11.1


  • Oracle Java SE 18

  • OpenJDK 18

  • Zulu OpenJDK 18

  • IBM Semeru Runtimes 8, 11, 17 (formerly known as AdoptOpenJDK OpenJ9 JVM)

  • Adoptium Temurin 8, 11, 17 (formerly known as AdoptOpenJDK Hotspot JVM)

Note: Follow the configuration requirements in Java environment variables.

  • SAP GUI 7.70 patch 7

  • SAP NWBC Client 7.0 up to patch 26

  • SAP NWBC Client 7.7 up to patch 15

We recommend working with the latest supported patches. For known issues when working with earlier patches, see Known Issues - Windows-based SAP.

Web 2.0 Toolkits
  • Dojo 1.17

  • Ext JS 7.5

Note: Not supported on Internet Explorer or on IE mode in Edge.

Windows Windows Server 2022
WPF & WPF Extensibility .NET 5, .NET 6

New browser versions

Browser Supported versions
Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)


Mozilla Firefox

97-103, 102 ESR

Discontinued versions

Technology Unsupported versions




67 and earlier


53 and earlier

Impending discontinued versions

The following technologies and versions will be discontinued in the next UFT One release: 


Java 7 support will be discontinued.

Internet Explorer

As Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer, UFT One will cease maintenance for working with Internet Explorer.

For more details, see the Support Matrix.

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Localization updates

UFT One 2022 is provided in the following languages:

English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

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